encuentro guadalupe

Encuentro Guadalupe is a place, inspired by the Slow Food movement, that promote real quality, food that is Good, Clean and Fair. In a 300 acre conservation area, it holds a Winery, Farmer's Market, a Culinary Crafts School, and a Eco-Hotel. Created by Grupo Encuentro, Encuentro Guadalupe is developed by a collective of talented leaders like Jorge Gracia, Hugo D'Acosta, Edgar Lima, Elisa Sabatini, Grupo Habita, Culinary Art School and many other authors and creative that share a common cause and use their skills to show respect for the places where they participate. In the center of the development, Encuentro builds a Cooperative for Independent Producers, offering mentoring, training, production facilities, equipment, promotion and distribution of their products. www.encuentroguadalupe.com